The craziest Ravens fan of them all (video)

The Baltimore Sun ran this story of Ravens fan Keith Letourneau, who as they say, gets a little carried away when it comes to his team.

"Something happens when he gets to the playoffs," his wife Rachel tells the paper.

His reactions may be over the top, but he says they're genuine. "I'm very passionate when I watch a game," Letourneau said. "It doesn't matter if I'm home or at a bar with friends or even at the stadium. I'm just one of those fans who screams and yells and just wants to have a good time."

Here's part 3 (courtesy of Rachel Letourneau) showing his reaction after cornerback Corey Graham intercepts Peyton Manning. Funny how his daughter is heard asking her Mom if he's happy or sad. (check out her Youtube page for the other parts):

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