Cowboys' Stephen Jones: Ryan's scheme was too complicated

Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones is uncomfortable, and he and everyone else in Dallas are looking to put the dismal 8-8, 2012 season behind them.

"It’s always uncomfortable when we don’t win," Jones said, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of The Star Telegram. "I have been uncomfortable for a while now. Since we quit making the playoffs I have been uncomfortable."

Jones fully expects the offseason coaching staff revamp will yield immediate results. He touched on the defensive scheme that former DC Rob Ryan had in place, saying it was just too much scheme.

"Where we fundamentally came down with Rob is that his philosophy is about multiple scheme," Jones said. "I think you have to skinny it down. Philosophically, I don’t think Rob believes in that. And it’s not something that happened and all of a sudden at the end of the year we had a problem. I think Rob will tell you we had long visits about this in the off-season last year that there was too much scheme. He tried to cut it back and he did skinny it back, but it’s still a lot."

"This is no revelation we had after we went 8-8. This was after the year before’s 8-8. We just didn’t feel like at the end of the day Rob could skinny it back enough to our satisfaction that we could make plays."