Could it be? Was it Chad Ochocinco's mouth and Albert Haynesworth's attitude that ultimately landed them in New England?

They say fact is stranger than fiction and in saying that, July 28th was closer to Friday the 13th for New England fans. But all is not lost and 60 Max thinks we found an angle and maybe the answer to the brash New York Jets.

Rex Ryan loves to boast about how his team will win the Super Bowl every year and how it's old news beating the New England Patriots. His gang green pirates are here to pillage and loot the AFC East by bullying. In the NFL there are no anti-bullying laws ,and in the 2010 playoffs, the Jets were just that - bullies. Bill Belichick hates to have that sour lingering taste of Ryan slop to digest all offseason.

Idle hands are the Devil's workshop and the lockout gave Belichick more time than he needed to dwell on what went wrong.

He had a 14-2 team that had dominated by playing almost mistake free football, and by dumping fuel in Randy Moss, his greatest reclamation project gone bad. After he was let go, revisiting the Patriot way became the mantra. However, his King of Surliness decided he needed some brashness, some 'Rex, screw you okay?'. Who better than two bad dudes to bring in and help get that limp in the pimp walk.
One a likable bad guy, but the other a true blue mean streaked rebel. Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth are the lastest imports to add diesel for more combustion to a team that needs just that extra thrust to get to their goal. In Chad Ochocinco, the Patriots are getting an upgrade from the departed Jabbar Gaffney and former Patriot David Givens. The combination of Ochocinco, Deion Branch and Wes Welker not only makes them dangerous in the passing game, all three posess demonstrative personalities as well. The type of attitude need to go against a Ryan defense.
Chad may not be able to beat Darelle Revis, but he'll talk him to death while occupying him, so the Jets can't lock onto Branch. Branch would draw Cromartie, which is a far better matchup to deal with, and with Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker half of the time, they will all split out wide at some point. What Ochocinco provides is protection. A WR who would go over the middle or can toe the line in the end zone.
Where Ocho's likeable personality endears him enough for Patriots fans to want to give him a chance, Albert Haynesworth is another story. His behavior is known - erratic and an enigma who prides himself on being his own worst enemy. Widely known for his moody temperment and rebelious acts, could Haynesworth be ready to change spots? He'll have to channel that inner anger onto the playing field and leave it there. In New England, the field is where you get your violence out, then you gome home. Belichick has brought in malcontents and worked his coaches balm to squeeze every good natured drop of samaritan they have out of them. Bill's gonna need the extra big jar to soften him up enough to think team first. However, if Belichick succeeds in doing so, he could have a monster at RDE that could cover Jermaine Cunningham, allowing him to get after the passer by manhandling tackles kicking out on him.
There is no questioning Hayneworth's abilities, he's powerful and has that brute natural force that is hard to find. He has the abilty to simply overpower offensive linemen, and working with Pepper Johnson should help his cause greatly.
Which takes us back to our original theory, that if he channels that inner beast to the field, then you get another guy who will balance the Jets' bully factor they like to use to their devices. Belichick looked over the 2010 playoff loss and is probably thinking which foot does Rex want to feel and where.


Could it be? Was it Chad Ochocinco's mouth and Albert Haynesworth's attitude that ultimately landed them in New England? | 60 Max Power O - Pro Football News, Coverage and Analysis


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