Christian Ponder is still Leslie Frazier’s quarterback: ''You don't want to send mixed messages at any position''

The Minnesota Vikings are 6-6 and in danger of falling out of the playoff race and there are calls for a change at quarterback.

However, Head Coach Leslie Frazier shot down that option, making it clear it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the Vikings to make a move at this point in the season.

The Vikings passing attack is ranked 32nd in the NFL, in Ponder’s last 5 games he has a completion percentage of 55.7 and a passer rating of 65.2.

Though his numbers are paltry at best, Frazier doesn’t think replacing Ponder is a good move, in fact he thinks the opposite.

''It hasn't come up any time this season where I thought we needed to pull him out of a game,'' Frazier said according to Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press via Yahoo Sports. ''That hasn't occurred.''

''I've thought about that a lot because when you're struggling at a position, the guys know how we talked about everybody doing their jobs and why it's important for us to have our success,'' Frazier said. ''You don't want to send mixed messages at any position.''