Christian Ponder doesn’t know if Percy Harvin will return: “I’m not sure”

While Leslie Frazier said he didn’t think wide receiver Percy Harvin wouldn’t be going anywhere, quarterback Christian Ponder isn’t so sure. The young quarterback, who is recovering from a deep triceps bruise, took time to talk about the talented but troublesome star, and if he thought Harvin would return.

 “I’m not sure, I don’t know,” Ponder said according to Paul Allen of KFAN on Tuesday.  “We’ll see.  I mean, we’ll see how everything shakes out.  I’m not sure what Rick Spielman’s gonna be doing.  Obviously, it’d be nice to have. He’s a heck of a player,”

“You know, he busts his butt all the time when he was here,” Ponder said of Harvin.  “When he was out on the field, no one worked harder than him.  Obviously, everyone saw how tough he was physically and mentally. And he had a lot of leadership qualities.  He was a good teammate.”

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