Chris Kluwe fined $5,250 for Ray Guy Post-It note

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is a punter's punter so to speak.
He doesn't like the fact that there aren't any punters in the Hall of Fame, and he tried to do a little something about it by sticking a Post-it note over the NFL's mandatory Anniversary Hall of Fame patch that read simply "Vote for Ray Guy."
Ray Guy was the memorable Oakland Raiders punter who won three Super Bowls and went to seven Pro Bowls, and Kluwe thinks it's about time that someone recognizes him and all of the other great punters throughout NFL history.
Kluwe tweeted that he has been fined $5,250 by the league for his little stunt.
He also tweets some details about the fine. "My favorite part of the fine email from the NFL -- they end it with 'sincerely.' It's the little touches that let you know they care," he wrote.
"The good news is all the money goes to support former players through the NFL charity programs. Maybe they'll vote for Ray Guy. Fine amount was standard for a first time uniform violation - $5250. I knew the potential consequences going in. Don't cry for me Argentina."

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