Chip Kelly to Eagles: thanks but no thanks, I'm staying a Duck

I guess Chip Kelly has woken up and realized the grass was not greener in the NFL and decided to stay at Oregon, according to league sources.

Kelly, who was courted by the Cleveland Browns, the Buffalo Bills and as of today the Philadelphia Eagles while he was still in Arizona after the team's Fiesta Bowl victory over #5 Kansas State, has decided to stay with the Ducks and try and get that elusive first BCS Championship.

I provided in my article the reasons he should stay in Eugene and I hope he read it, because this was the right decision for him. He will have other chances with better situations in the future, or he could create his own dynasty for the Ducks.

Kelly has gone 46-7 in his tenure with the Ducks, finishing this season 12-1 most likely will finish second in the final polls after the BCS Championship game is decided. He now needs to wrap up his recruiting class now that decision has been made.

He still is coming back to possible NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations, which could show his players his character. With Kelly staying he will not walk away from these like others have recently (see Lane Kiffin or Pete Carroll) showing his dedication to the program and his players.

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