Chip Kelly describes what he is looking for in a defensive coordinator: "Shutoutability"

We’re pretty sure it’s not a word, but it gets the message out loud and clear. New eagles coach Chip Kelly isn’t sure how he’ll piece together his offense yet, but he knows it’s going to be high octane.

However, on defense that will be someone else’s job, and if its any indication, he wants an aggressive coach who will dominate offenses.

"Shutoutability," he said via Jeff McLane of "That would be the one overriding quality. And I have no idea how we can define that." We don’t know either, but it sounds good.

"Obviously, you're looking for a guy that can stop people and [can tell you] philosophically what their theory is and how they go about it," Kelly said. "But when you interview [someone], I think if you're a football guy you learn a lot, too."

"That's why the process takes a little time," he said.

"We're all in a society where you want one word to describe everything," Kelly said. "I don't think I can describe a defensive coordinator in one word. There's so many things that you're looking at."

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