Champ Bailey reminds teammates of playoffs' magnitude

Denver Broncos cornerbck Champ Bailey has been through it all, and he knows that if you don't bring your A-game into the playoffs, you could be one and done.

He's been telling his teammates that it doesn't matter who you're facing; you can't take anything for granted. This is playoff football.

“I think one thing I probably need to do more of,” Bailey said at Thrusday's weekly press conference.

“ just emphasize (a sense of urgency) to my teammates. I was young in this league and at one point, in my first year (1999 with Washington), I made the playoffs. After that, I didn’t make it for the next four years (until 2004 with Denver).

“These opportunities don’t come by that often. I think once everybody understands that, it gives everybody a different perspective.”

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