Brandon Weeden looks to bounce back from his 'average' rookie season

Clevaland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden joined The Hooligans on WKNR in Cleveland to talk about what he needs to do for the upcoming 2013 season to get his teammates and the new coaching staff behind him.

Weeden in confident in his abiility going forward as he reflects how he thinks he played in 2012.

“Average. I know I’m a better player than the way I played all year. I’m not satisfied with the way I played all year," Weeden said, via

"So being the competitor that I am, I see a lot of areas of improvement. And I know I have to get better in order for this organization to win games. And my ultimate goal is for us to get to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl, so I feel like personally it starts with me — I’ve gotta get better. And I wouldn’t change anything because I thought like I prepared well. Week-in and week-out I felt like I put myself in position.”

With a new coaching staff in Cleveland, it's basically back to drawing board in learning a new offense in his second year. He says it's not an ideal situation for his development, but he's not discouraged.

“I don’t think any player would say that’s the ideal way to go about it but that’s the hand we’re being dealt. I’m not discouraged about it at all. I’m actually extremely excited. I think this system has proved to score a lot of points. The numbers that Philip Rivers has put up in it the last few years is encouraging. He’s got a big-time arm and he throws the football around down the field, and they stretch it. So as a quarterback you see that, and to me that’s exciting. I want to be the guy that sits back in shotgun and slings it down the field, or play-action and throw it down the field. That’s what this offense is all about.”

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