Brandon Marshall doesn’t hate, he just dislikes the Packers

Talk about some serious passive aggressive behavior, Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall went right ahead and said it, sort of.  

“I don’t like the Green Bay Packers,” Marshall said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today. “I’m not going to use the word ‘hate,’ but I really dislike the Packers and their players.

That’s like the little boy going to face the bully and saying “I’m not mad enough to kick your ass, but I am going to say something.”

Then why say anything? If you don’t hate them, then why are you talking about it in the first place? Marshall continues:

“But you know what? The talk has to back it up. We’ll go out there and do everything we have to do to get a win.”

He’ll have to do better in their first meeting Marshall had 2 catches for 22 yards, maybe that’s why he ‘dislikes’ the Packers.