Bone of contention: Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones shoot from the hip, disagree about injury

Dez Bryant went out and played with a broken finger that requires surgery and he said he’ll keep playing until the Cowboys season is done.

However, one thing he won’t do is what Jerry Jones suggested and he made it crystal clear it’s not going down that way.

Owner Jerry Jones stated Bryant would have a bone graft, having bone removed from his hip and inserted into his finger.

“Dez is going to have, more than likely, bone taken off his hip and put into that index finger joint,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“It is a fracture, but it’s not a ligament [injury]. Make no mistake, he has a serious injury. He certainly is playing with some risks, but he was inspirational out there to everybody involved in this organization.”

Bryant scoffed at the notion of anybody touching his hip:

“Well, if he wasn’t kidding, I’m also not playing neither,” Bryant said. “Nobody touching my hip. I’m telling you right now. You can get a piece of bone from somebody else. You’re not touching my hip.”

It seems Bryant isn’t feeling the idea, the Cowboys may be surging on the field, but they have so many things going on behind the scenes.


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