Bill Belichick: "If you can’t get excited for the AFC Championship game, I don’t know what you can get excited for"

Bill Belichick has been here so many times, but it’s always new to him. Belichick often talks about being in the precious present; he’s living one minute at a time this week.

As the Patriots finalize their preparation for the Baltimore Ravens, Belichick feels his team has put in the work and it’s all about execution from this point on.

We’ve seen sergeant Belichick before the Texans game, spitting out military quotes and talking in directives instead of coach speak.

This week Belichick is back in his own skin, comfortable being so neck high in the moment, he’s just enjoying the ride. We’ve seen this Belichick before, when he’s calm, he’s confident and that usually translates into a trip to the Super Bowl.

"I think the players have done a good job this week, they’ve worked hard to get the scouting report, and new information on the Ravens, practiced well, good energy, I think the team is excited to play," Belichick said before Friday's practice via Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe.

"If you can’t get excited for the AFC Championship game, I don’t know what you can get excited for.”

"This is what we’ve worked all year for, this opportunity, and I know that everybody wants to make the most of it. The attitude is good; we’re looking forward to playing a great football team, going out there and knowing we need to play our best to beat them. But that’s the way it should be."

"As I said at the beginning of the week, we have a lot of respect for that organization. They win a lot of games, they’re in the playoffs, and they win playoff games.

We’ve had some great battles with them; we’ve won some, they’ve won some, most of them have come right down to the wire, very competitive, they’re a tough, hard-nosed football team that’s hard to beat, and we respect that challenge.

"We know that’s what will be out there on Sunday: We’ll get their best, they’ll get ours, both teams have had a lot of success, both teams have a lot of confidence. It’s a great match up."