Bill Belichick on the facing the Ravens: “one of the top organizations in the NFL from top to bottom”

Bill Belichick has a certain respect for the Baltimore Ravens, he once advised Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome to hire John Harbaugh.

He might want that one back, but many forget Belichick used to coach the Ravens, when they were the Browns and in Cleveland. Belichick has tremendous fondness for Newsome, once a great tight end, now a great GM, and Harbaugh, once a special team’s coordinator just like Belichick.

So when he sits down and talks about the Ravens, he can see a reflection of his own organization, consistent and mentally tough. Belichick held court and gave his thoughts about the team he will face this Sunday for all the marbles.

On the Raven defense:

"Schematically they’re pretty similar. Ray’s an instinctive player, very good in the running game, play action, screen passes, and things like that. He can certainly control the defense, he adds a lot, I’m sure they’re glad to have him back for a variety of reasons," Belichick said according to Mike Whitmer of the Boston Globe.

On the Ravens overall operations:

"They’re a good football team, well coached, good players, strong in all three phases of the game," Belichick said. "They've won games on the road, in different fashions, high scoring, low scoring.

They’ve done a good job all the way around. They have a good program, really solid organization, one of the top organizations in the National Football League from top to bottom, all the way down to their practice squad players."

About situational football and will it be a big factor Sunday:

"Yeah, absolutely. It’s a point of emphasis every week. We always think at the end of the half it can get a lot different situational, teams change their attack, what they’re doing, how they’re doing it.

I’m sure it will be important in this game. We did some things that were good, others weren’t as good as they needed to be, and Houston was good enough to take advantage. Hopefully it will be better this week."

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