Anquan Boldin guarantees victory against Patriots: “We’ll win”

The Baltimore Ravens just can’t stay quiet, they just don’t care and wide receiver Anquan Boldin put that on public display. Every year they dismiss the New England Patriots, throw jabs, and then whine when they lose (more often than not).

Boldin gave the New England Patriots more than bulletin board material, he gave them advice. Don't even bother to show up, there’s nothing to see here.

When talking with reporters Wednesday in the Ravens’ locker room, the veteran receiver was asked how Sunday will be different than last year.

“Because we’ll make it different,” Boldin responded.

How will they make it different?

“We’ll win,” Boldin said plainly to Garrett Downing of concerning Sunday’s AFC title game.

What is it about the Patriots that drive the Ravens into cocky loud mouthed slugs?

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