Andrew Quarless: If Aaron Rodgers goes down, "it’s going to be pretty tough"

Quarterbacks have been getting blown up this year, and now with the new focus on concussions, we're finding out how many were hiding the cobwebs. Michael Vick and Jay Cutler were the latest examples of starting quarterbacks getting their bell rung.

Keeping the signal caller safe has taken on a new importance for head coaches and quarterbacks alike, and the Green Bay Packers may have the best in the business in Aaron Rodgers. It’s like sending the kids to school, you did everything you can, but the bully still will be alone with your offspring, and all you can tell them is protect yourself at all times, or if it’s your quarterback, just go feet first and get down. 

Packers' tight end Andrew Quarless spoke to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about how hard it is keeping Rodgers out of the line of fire.

"I definitely think it’s something he takes into consideration. If he goes down, it’s going to be pretty tough.... I wish you could see the coaches’ faces when he takes a hit.” 

Rodgers, who loves to extend plays, has taken 29 sacks, number one in the NFL. That’s the perfect recipe for taking a lethal hit.

“I get concerned,” said Jeff Saturday, “but that’s ingrained in him.” Head coach Mike McCarthy thinks Rodgers is more aware of keeping himself healthy, “I think Aaron’s a lot more conscious of protecting himself.”