Aaron Rodgers sympathizes with Alex Smith

Green Bay Packers WB Aaron Rodgers was a guest on "NFL Total Access" and touched on what he thought about 49ers QB Alex Smith, who sits on the bench while QB Colin Kaepernick runs his team's offense.

Rodgers and Smith are linked from the 2005 NFL Draft, when Smith was the number one pick and Rodgers fell to 24. Aaron has used that slight as motivation throughout his career, and he feels Smith is getting a raw deal in San Francisco.

"Alex and I are buddies, we both got drafted in 2005 NFL Draft, and he's been through a lot," he said.

"I can't imagine to have to go through that many offensive coordinators and the turnover in coaches has been tough for him... He comes in, he's 70 percent completion, he's 100-plus quarterback rating last year, he's like barely over one percent interception percentage," 

"He's a great quarterback, he just needs to go somewhere he gets appreciated for the skills he has and hopefully he gets a chance next year."

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