7 hour meeting with Gus Bradley results in Eagles back at drawing board

Philadelphia fans are getting more than restless. As other teams are plucking their coaching choices, the Eagles seems to be glossing over everybody. The latest prospect to come in was Gus Bradley, defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks.

This was his second interview, and many thought the Eagles had their guy. However, Bradley left town without an agreement, and thus the search continues.

One has to wonder if the Eagles are burning out these candidates with marathon interviews only to not get an offer, according to Jeff McLane of philly.com.

The Eagles have interviewed at least 11 candidates, and Bradley has been the only one to meet with them for a second time.

Bradley is scheduled to fly to Jacksonville to meet with their ownership, and if he is a top choice of the Eagles, the Jaguars could take him off the market as soon as today, leaving the Eagles back at the drawing board.

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