60 Max Patriots Skill Positions Roundup

Over the past few months, 60 Max's Lead Writer Dana Draper brought the Patriots x's and o's at ya in our signature '60 Max Breakdown Series: The Skill Positions:.

Released one by one, Dana goes through all of the offensive skill positions, breaking down the Patriot's special approach that's lead them to success time and time again. We decided not enough credit was due for his work, so during this bye week, we've decided to package them on one convenient page.




The Art of the Patriots Quarterback Position / Play Calling - Pass calls and Protection calls – The New England offense runs through one guy, and that is Tom Brady. He has been the piece of clay the Patriots offensive staff molded into a bust for Canton since he burst onto the scene in 2001. more >




The Wide Receiver position in the Patriots offense is as complex as any position on the team. It is no wonder that many good WR's have not been able to absorb the concepts and overall offense.  We are going to breakdown not only how the WR's function, but also the relationship they have to have with the Quarterback. more >



As written about in 'The Evolution of the New England Offense', the spread offense and the heavy influence of the New Orleans Saints system has brought the TE spot into the limelight. The Patriots philosophy utilizes two main designations for the TE position -  the (Y) and the (Z), the TE duties are split between the (Y) and the (Z). Having one as an inline blocker who could be flexed out (The Y) and the other split out (The Z). more >



How the Patriots Utilize the Running Game – The Running Back position is a jack of all trades and master of none, as the Patriots like to use a RB by committee. They play particular roles. The Lead Back is required to be a hard charging down hill runner. The Second back is the run-pass type, and the Third typically a thumper. more >